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How awful is it that our society is known as a ‘throw-away society’?! Since the industrial revolution, people living in rich countries (such as the UK, much of Europe and America) have become increasingly consumerist and it seems that we have now reached an all time low... Shops are full of useless rubbish that is either single-use or designed so badly that it will break quickly after purchase. And we wonder why our oceans are literally full of our plastic waste, with whole islands made up of bags and bottles and straws floating around on the surface, polluting the waters and marine wildlife. If we want this to stop, we need to start voting with our money!

We can all take steps towards living a more minimalist lifestyle, being more thrifty by buying second hand, shopping ethically and choosing quality over quantity, but what about food? It is simply impossible to do a weekly food shop at a supermarket without coming home inundated with plastic packets that often can’t even be recycled and so get thrown straight into the bin to be sent off to land-fill or abroad for incineration!

But what can we do about it if there are no other options!?

That is where we come in!

At CORE we are devoted to sourcing plastic-free goods to help our community fight plastic pollution! We buy our food products in bulk, most of which come in large paper sacks and our local suppliers often offer us a completely zero-waste circular supply, whereby we send back reusable containers to be refilled again and again. Sometimes there is a genuine need for a product to come in plastic (such as oily nuts from overseas), but we can re-use it or recycle it responsibly and even challenge the supplier to look into alternatives, such as circular packaging systems or bio-plastics.

We also stock a wide range of plastic-free, reusable items; from sanitary towels and Mooncups to straws and razors, all of which are made using high quality materials that are built to last! We choose our products and brands very selectively so that you can trust what you are buying is of the highest standard for both quality and ethics.

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